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Sleep Numbers Beds

A new type of bed mattress - the Sleep Numbers mattress has gained increasing popularity in the States as you can see from these reviews at

A traditional mattress has metal springs that provide support for your body. Sleep Number beds however have mattresses that consist of numerous air chambers. Proponents of this system claim that this design provides a better cushioning effect and thus a more comfortable sleeping experience for the user. Also it means less transfer of movement between two people in a double, queen or king size bed. The degree of firmness can be adjusted by pumping in more air and separate settings can be used for each half of the bed.

Personalized settings enable you to choose the exact correct amount of firmness and body support that you need to get a good night's sleep. Some people however have had Sleep Number bed problems so it's worth checking out all the facts before buying.

he Sleep Number bed is a product of Select Comfort. Select Comfort is the U.S-based manufacturer of the Sleep Number bed and it's various components and accessories. The company headquarters is in Plymouth, Minnesota, with additional facilities for manufacturing and distribution in Utah and South Carolina. They also operate 403 company-owned stores across the United States. The company has over 2000 employees located in these facilities.

The beds are extremely popular. Even though Select Comfort sells almost exclusively in the U.S, they are the 5th largest manufacturer of mattresses in the world. They enjoy a 5% market share of total mattress industry revenue and a 1.5% share of industry total units shipped. The difference in market share of revenue and units shipped is because they are able to charge a premium...roughly double the average innerspring mattress price of $900



Sleep Number Beds :

- /Personalized settings so you get the right amount of support

- /Different settings can be used for different people using the bed