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Choosing the Right Bed

Loyalty is a good thing. Right? Perhaps. Unless you’re being loyal to a bed that should have “gone the way of the dinosaurs” five years ago. Or ten years ago. And if you’re the type who can say it’s been longer than ten years, it’s time to put personal feelings aside, and rush to the nearest home furnishings or sleep store.

Your bed has a direct effect on your sleep, and in turn, affects every other part of your life. The amount and quality of your sleep can affect your skin, your weight, your mood, your ability to learn, and even your ability to do simple tasks. That’s why choosing the right bed, and keeping up with maintenance and replacement of that bed, is so important.

So how do you choose the right bed? Is it supposed to be soft, or firm? What about warranties? Here are a few tips you can use to help you choose the right bed:

• Price doesn’t always equal prowess. Looking for a new mattress is like looking for the love of your life. It might come in an unexpected package. And that package might not be the most expensive one, or the one with the most recognizable brand name. When you’re searching for a new mattress, you should be less concerned with price and brand name than with how it feels to your body.
• Let your body do the talking. Most people with low-back pain need a firmer mattress. But people who have no back pain, don’t need to worry as much about the firmness of their bed. The important thing is that your mattress should put no pressure on your body, and when you lie on your back, your body should be in neutral alignment
• It’s what inside that counts. Not all mattresses have the same structural components. For instance, some mattresses are made of layered foam. Others are made of complex air chambers, and traditional mattresses are structured with springs. If you’ve had trouble sleeping on a bed with springs, you might want to try another type of mattress.
• Warranties take away worry and typically won’t cost you a dime. When you buy a computer, the sales person will try to convince you that you should pay the extra $300 for an extended warranty and usually it’s a waste of money. But most mattresses come with an extended warranty, usually fifteen years, or for the life of the mattress. Choosing beds with a warranty already attached can save you a bundle if something unexpected happens, say, a spring pops through the topside of your mattress.

Choosing the right bed isn’t easy. With greater technology and a greater number of choices available, it can be nearly impossible to choose the right mattress. But when you’re ready to shop for a new bed, set aside the technology, pricing, and brand names, and just remember one simple thing. Whatever mattress you choose, and whatever you pay, it should be one thing. Comfortable.

Written by Business article writer